Global Entrepreneur Week: Why The World Needs Entrepreneurs?

World Needs Entrepreneurs

It is the Global Entrepreneur Week! Did you know that? Many people do not know.
Everyone in business knows how big a deal the GEW 2021 is. After the 2008 inaugural event, more than 40,000 events for nearly 10 million members from around 200 countries got fronted by the head of state, celebrity entrepreneurs, business coaches, and leaders.
Do you ever wonder what the need for entrepreneurs in the world is? We have you covered.

Why Is There a Need for Entrepreneurs in the World

Entrepreneurs are the ones who use their skills to cooperate, undertake, experiment, and confront the huge challenges seen in the world today. This is one of the reasons. Some of the challenges they take on include:

  • Employment and work future
  • Food insecurity
  • Global Health
  • Digital technology
  • Climate change

The fact is, entrepreneurs are the ones that bring improvements and enhancement in the living standards, greater inclusion, job prospects, new products, and economic growth.

If you are wondering whether entrepreneurship is for you or not, you can find out by visiting the GEW events near you.

As Johnathan Prtmans, the Global Entrepreneur Network founder and president, says:

“GEW 2021 is about how one “reboots, rethinks and regenerated” to create back global societies post-pandemic.”

Serial Entrepreneur

The question is, nowadays, how can you become a successful entrepreneur?

We should start by understanding not everyone with an idea can turn it into a successful business as an entrepreneur. At times, they do have many traits similar to a serial entrepreneur, like:

  • Leadership
  • Goal-oriented
  • Hardworking
  • High-risk tolerance
  • Comfortable with changes and unpredictability

Unfamiliar Risks

So, what differentiates a small business owner from an entrepreneur? The known risk and the unknown risks differentiate the two. Of course, both have high-risk tolerance, but only the entrepreneurs are comfortable when facing unknown risks.

On the other hand, small business owners do be ready to take risks but with their products and services from the ground up.

Entrepreneurs flourish from the unknown and are mostly inspired by new innovations, coming with high risk and a high chance of failure.

Ideas Find You

Generating ideas is good. However, it’s not the skill an entrepreneur needs.

As weird as it might sound, ideas have to find you. Ideas find you, and you should have a process that filters them. Filtering ideas help to get the most assuring one for your evaluation and commitment.

Good ideas are everywhere, but only a few can turn into a commercial breakthrough. Do you know that less than 10% of ideas thrive, becoming commercially successful? According to Inc, 6% is the success rate.

Nonetheless, serial entrepreneurs understand a good idea, and it has a more than an average chance to thrive. That is the reason why developing entrepreneurs need coaches and mentors.

Good At Selling and Communication

Entrepreneurs should be great at selling. They have to be good at convincing investors, customers, and employees. What is the crucial part of selling? It is communication!

As an entrepreneur, you should have the skills to communicate with various people at varying levels, using different collaboration tools, like Zoom Slack. Entrepreneurs can converse with groups or one-to-one. Furthermore, strong written skills for online messaging, texts, and emails are also extremely important.

Every entrepreneur starts with a presentation value to present the proposal to all types of stakeholders, like:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Mentors
  • Lenders

Have you come across an entrepreneur not gifted with the gap?


Experience creates confidence. Strong Communication skills come with that. Now, how do you get experience? You simply have to be at the right place at the right time. Join various speaking and presentation clubs, speech lessons, or further education with communication lessons and paper.


Another thing never shies away from opportunities. Always try to lead projects, whether it’s professional or personal. You can always practice your communication skills with various audiences, in-person or online.

You can zoom call your family or attend various group meetings to speak up and practice your communication skills. Again, you should never shy away from the chance to get heard or get feedback.

Education & Learning

A good basis for an entrepreneur is further education, like Masters in Business Administration (MBA). However, once you do get that, it does not stop the learning. A serial entrepreneur career requires commitment from you for continuous learning, training, and getting feedback from coaches and mentors as you go along.

Join various entrepreneur groups, like the Global Entrepreneur Network (GEN). It helps you to gain knowledge and meet new people.

There is a need for more entrepreneurs in the world who want to make a genuine difference in tackling the challenges we face now and in the future.

Do you also agree with the ‘entrepreneurs are important for the world’ statement?

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