KissAnime- Best 20 Active KissAnime Alternatives to Watch Anime Movies Online for Free

KissAnime and KissAnime Alternatives

Did you get as shocked as I did about KissAnime closing down? Truthfully, it has given KissAnime fans from all around the world a shock and sadness.

KissAnime was a well-known anime streaming website that allows you to watch or download animation movies and series for free. Those who like to watch anime would have surely heard or used KissAnime as many fans did.

For some reason, if you have no idea what I am on about, let me tell you more about KissAnime. However, if you know about KissAnime, let me tell you what is happening with the KissAnime and the KissAnime alternatives you can now use.

KissAnime| Top KissAnime Alternatives Where you can watch Anime online
KissAnime| Top KissAnime Alternatives Where you can watch Anime online

What is KissAnime?

It is a popular site used by many anime fans to stream and download anime series or movies.

The site got launched in 2012. Now, many fans do not know the first domain of KissAnime to get launched was However, it got taken down right after.

After that came, the site many are familiar with. provided its anime services for 8 long years and got loved by many people around the world.

It was known for giving fans the classics and titles that they could not find anywhere else. It was one of the reasons why it gained so much popularity. It had thousands and thousands of titles.

Popular KissAnime Category

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Cartoon
  • Demons
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Kids
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Samurai
  • Sci-FI
  • Supernatural
  • Vampire

Features of Kissanime

You are probably wondering, am I upset by it closing down. The fact is, KissAnime had the best features one could find when it came to streaming or downloading anime online. Let me tell you a few that I like.


I don’t know about you, but free things are very hard to find these days.

At times, you might have seen how some sites claim to be free but still ask for your debit or credit card details.

KissAnime required no such details. All you had to do was go to the site and stream the anime you want, without paying a dime.

No Signing-Up Required

You do not have to sign up to use this site. Again, if you wanted to sign-up for some exclusive features, you could, but overall, if you didn’t, you could still stream and download anime in HD without a problem.

I liked it because I had to go to the site, not signing up or logging in, and just start watching the anime I wanted.

Simple Interface & HD Quality

KissAnime has all its anime in HD quality. One does not have to get frustrated over the bad quality. Moreover, the interface was well-designed and extremely easy to use.

You could find everything on their homepage, and it had a search bar for you to search an anime name without scrolling through the whole site.

Updated & Upgraded

The developers worked day and night to keep the site updated and upgraded with the latest anime episodes and movies. It was a record of this site as soon as one new episode got released; you could find it easily on KissAnime.

Dubbed & Subbed Content

One of the main reasons the site was so popular was that it had dubbed and subbed versions of most of its animes. People could enjoy many dubbed versions or watch anime and understand it with English subtitles. I was appreciative of how I could understand the Japanese with the English subtitles and enjoy the anime more.

What Happened To KissAnime?

Japan has been working on its copyright laws and making them stricter from January 2021. In these copyright laws, the sites that have pirated manga or anime torrent files are also getting targeted.

Moreover, in June, Japan parliament has also revised the copyright issue and punish those who knowingly download manga, anime, magazines, and academic works that got illegally uploaded.

Japan has claimed that it will be closing down all such sites because they have faced a loss of 320 billion yen (around $4.12 billion). They did just that by closing down KissAnime and its sister site KissManga.

The news of KissAnime closing down first surfaced on the Subreddit account of KissAnime, where a user transcribed the site to close around 10 pm PST on 14 August 2020.

Both sites got closed down because of copyright issues. Many fans were in debate and whether the decision of closing it down was fair or not. After 8 years of operating, closed down. Do you know before closing down, it got said that it had around 95 million visits each month?

Moreover, the site got placed on the 531st place in Alexa ranking. After it got shut down, for many days before the site totally disappeared, the screen read:

“All files have gotten taken down by copyright owners. The site has gotten closed forever. Thank you for your supports.”

Moreover, they also let their fans know through their Instagram:

“Thank you guys for the support. The cause of this is the Copyright Issue. Since many companies are not getting their revenue. It’s time to say goodbye. But still, anime is in our hearts.”

As many claims that this site made anime popular and did not claim the content to be theirs. However, many said it used anime wrong, and the original writers or creators got no benefits from it.

Many fans tweeted their sadness saying, how a legend is gone, and they will miss it. On the other hand, others were happy and supported such pirated sites getting taken down.

KissAnime Domains (Mirror Sites)

Did you happen to run into a KissAnime site and got excited thinking they have made a comeback?

The original site was, and any other domain using the KissAnime site name has nothing to do with the original website.

Some of the popular domains using KissAnime’s name include:

  • tube
  • gr
  • help
  • ru
  • click

How do I know that these domains have nothing to do with the original ones?The Original KissAnime account on Reddit let their users know.

“KissAnime is dead. No, they are not coming back. No, the new “KissAnime” you found is not real.”

It makes it clear that KissAnime is gone forever, and all other domains are not real. I would advise you to be careful when using copied KissAnime sites. They are not safe.

Is KissAnime Legal?

The question of whether KissAnime is legal or not has caused a lot of confusion. There is a debate where some say it is legal, some say it’s not, and some say that it is not legal and is legal.

Confusing. Is it not? To be honest, even I have been confused as to whether the site is legal or not. The thing is from one point of view, the site is legal, and from others, it is illegal.

Let me try to explain how.

The copyright concerns do not get violated when an anime movie or series gets streamed online, making it legal.

According to the copyright clause, it suggests when content gets used for personal use, it is legal. However, if you use t for redistribution, then it is illegal.

On the other hand, the Anime content on KissAnime has not gotten through legal means. It means through the official ways by getting the permission of the content creator, making it illegal.

The technicality part begins when the question arises: You, as a streamer of that site, are you doing something illegal?

If you stream anime or manga from KissAnime, you will not be doing anything illegal, as you are just streaming. However, if you download it, then yes it will be illegal.

Now, what are your thoughts on whether KissAnime is legal or not because for me, it is still quite confusing?

Is KissAnime Safe?

The original KissAnime site is safe from all viruses and was safe to use.

There was news going around claiming KissAnime gave people’s devices viruses and it is not safe. However, the official site is safe to use and does not link with any malware or viruses.

The same can not get said for mirrored sites using KissAnime’s name as their domain.

If you happen to use the mirrored site, I will advise you to use it at your own risk. These fake sites are full of viruses, spam ware, and malware.

KissAnime Virus & Removing It

A malware virus you can get from downloading anime through various anime sites is the KissAnime virus. You are probably thinking, but that’s an anime site. However, it is also a term that gets used to explain various viruses linking with anime sites.

The adware will collect all your device and information and use it for any malicious purposes, putting you in trouble.

What happens once your device gets infected with the KissAnime virus?

If you do happen to get the malware, your device will start showing many, many advertisements and redirects to various scamming, phishing, or spoofing sites. When you do not get it removed as soon as possible, it will lead to further malware infections that will exploit your device system without you knowing or intervening.

You are probably thinking, how do I know if my device has gotten infected with adware? You will get Kissmanga domain pop-ups, flashing windows, and redirects.

Are you getting continuous redirections to the KissAnime website whenever you use a search engine or any browser? It is due to an unwanted program installed causing this virus.

Getting Rid of Computer Viruses

Removing a KissAnime virus will depend on what type of virus it is. A threat like cryptojackers, backdoors, rootkits and other similar can get cleared out using any security software. Manually eliminating such threats can get too complicated, which is why such software is useful.

You should regularly scan your device system using security tools, and if malware does appear, then removing it manually. Moreover, you should keep an eye on the installed programs and apps you have and if you find anything suspicious, uninstall it as soon as possible.

Never Download or Stream Illegal Videos

You might get tempted to download something you want to watch from an illegal site, just because it’s free, without thinking that a hacker could be behind it looking to hack into gullible devices and downloading the user’s personal information.

Such malware can get hidden in PDFs, optimization tools, videos, and even “useful” programs.

Moreover, there are many other ways that users can download adware into your system without knowing, especially if you are an inexperienced computer user.

Therefore, do not download illegal things or even stream them.

Moreover, keep your computer protected by using various security tools and changing your computer settings to ensure your device gets protected.

20 KissAnime Alternatives in 2021

Below I have KissAnime alternatives for you, which I have tried myself, and from the many, you can find, I found these to be the best and safe to use.

  1. Anime-Planet
  2. GOGO Anime
  3. CrunchyRoll
  4. 9Anime
  5. Chia-Anime
  6. Stream2Watch
  7. AnimeLab
  8. Anime Freak
  9. Anime Frenzy
  10. A2zAnime
  11. HorribleSubs
  12. Anime Land
  13. Animesim
  14. Anime Karma
  15. AniWatcher
  16. Anime Heaven
  17. Masteranime
  18. Justdubs
  19. AnimeLab
  20. KIMCartoon


Anime-Planet - Latest Anime Series & Episodes Daily
Anime-Planet – Latest Anime Series & Episodes Daily

The Anime-Plant is an anime site that claims “a site ran by fans or fans.”

Millions of users use this site for four various reasons. Firstly, it has anime in HD, old and new. Secondly, it also has Manga for manga fans to read. Thirdly, it has characters’ information, in which various anime and manga character’s details have gotten given, and the names of the manga or anime they are from. Lastly, it has a huge anime community, where fans can leave reviews, recommendations and find people with the same interests. Moreover, the site is free for all users.

However, the only downfall to this site is the signing up to use various features, like keeping track of what you have watched. When I visited the site, I clicked on an anime I wanted to watch. It showed me a picture of the anime and its reviews and nothing else. I had to research to find out that you can only watch the anime which are online in your area. I think they should let users know about this on their homepage.

GOGO Anime

GOGO Anime | Officially Free Anime Platform
GOGO Anime | Officially Free Anime Platform

9anime is another anime site with more than 26,000 animes for its users.

It has a simple-to-use interface and gets updated on a regular basis. Moreover, it is reliable and trusted. Moreover, I liked how the homepage of the site divides anime into various groups, from the animes released recently, Popular series to ongoing series. Similar to KissAnime, it has various categories you can choose from. A feature you would like is how it has a schedule of what episodes will get released on what day. Isn’t that amazing.

The only downfall is you cannot let the developers know if you want to watch an anime and they do not have it. They have no option for that.  Other than that, it’s free to use and needs no signing up of any kind. You can also watch them subbed. However, they do not have any dubbed animes yet. A simple site you should give it a go.


CrunchyRoll | Watch Free Dubbed Anime Online
CrunchyRoll | Watch Free Dubbed Anime Online

Crunchyroll is the best alternative to the KissAnime site. An anime site with around 15000 hours of officially licensed content.

The feature I love about this site is how it not only has anime and manga, but it also has Japanese series and games. It is a one in all site. It has HD content. It has an easy-to-use interface, with everything categorized according to its genres, seasons, and alphabetical. You can use this site on various platforms and devices. The site also has a section with all the latest anime and manga news.

If I was to find any fault within the site design or development, it is impossible; it is an almost perfect site, apart from the fact, it’s not a free site. It gives you a 14-days free premium trial, and then you can choose to pay monthly or weekly. You need to buy the premium membership to watch the anime you want and read mangas.


9Anime | Watch Anime Online
9Anime | Watch Anime Online

The most straightforward anime site you can use is 9Anime.

9Anime, the anime site with 42 various anime genres, with the latest series and continuously gets updated. I like how it has high-quality anime that have gotten subbed and dubbed in many languages. Moreover, no long waiting times, its loads quickly and it has various servers you can choose from. Let us imagine you are watching an anime series, and it stops working. What do you do? You check it out from the other servers and watch it from there.

Moreover, it has a request feature, allowing you to put in your request for anime movies or series you wish to watch and they do not have. The only annoying feature is the pop-up ads. Yes, it has pop-up ads, but only at the beginning of a series, when you click on them. Other than that, the whole site is quite straightforward.


Chia-Anime | Free Anime Source
Chia-Anime | Free Anime Source

Chia-Anime is a free anime site with top animes like One Piece Gintama, Reborn, Highschool of the Dead, etc.

It has a beautifully designed interface with an enormous database of various genre animes. It divides its options into various options, from most popular to the most recently released. The site is novel, and the best thing about it is how it allows the user to enjoy anime in English and Japanese. You only need to have a high internet speed, and you can stream all the anime you want without logging in.

You can bookmark the shows you wish to watch later and see the schedule of all the animes to get released within that week. The one thing that I didn’t like is how the load timing was extremely slow. It means you have to wait for quite a long time for it to load, and if you don’t, you will get frustrated by it stopping after every minute or so to load. Other than that, the site is good for anime lovers.


Do you wish to watch Anime from anywhere and comfortably, whether it’s your Mobile, T.V, laptop, or any other device? If yes, then AnimeLab is the way to go.

AnimeLab has gotten created by a team of people from Australia and New Zealand. It has many amazing features like streaming anime on up to five devices at the same time, similar to how Netflix works. Moreover, you can easily download content and watch it without a network. You can watch thousands of subbed and dubbed anime seasons and various Anime from The Helpful Fox Senko-SanA Certain Scientific Accelerator to NarutoDragon Ball Z, and many others.

You will love the simple interface it has- even on the web version, it feels like you have open up the app. It has no news or adverts to bother you. However, the only thing is, it’s not free. You will have to get a monthly membership, which is why the site is one of the best you can find. You can try out the AnimeLab for 30 days for free and then pay only $7.99 each month after that.


A KissAnime alternative used by millions of users to watch anime online is AnimeFreak.

Any Anime lover will love this site as it’s free, and you do not have to sign up or sign in to watch anime. AnimeFreak has various anime categories from comedy, romance, thriller adventure, and many more. You can watch thousands of anime series and movies dubbed and subbed in English, including the popular, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, and many more.

The overall interface of the site is easy to use, with anime listed on their homepage, a search bar, and filtered searches. You can read a bit about the anime before you start watching it to find out whether it interests you or not. Furthermore, if you can’t find the anime you wish to watch, you can contact them on their various social media platforms and put your request in. The only downfall is the side ads you get, but even those do not get in the way of you watching your anime.

Anime Frenzy

A KissAnime alternative offering on-demand anime and successful is AnimeFrenzy.

You can find various anime movies, series, their schedule, popular, ongoing, and Hentai on this site. It has the most easy-to-use interface possible, where you can search, choose and play any title you want easily. You get the option of signing up or signing in, but it’s not needed to watch anime. For many, they love how there is so much lesser buffering on this site.

AnimeFrenzy also has a chatbox so you can talk to their developers for any questions or queries. They also have options for you to download, autoplay, discord, and bookmark on every anime watch screen. There are pop-up ads and other sorts of advertisements, but there are not bothersome. Overall, this is a good site one can use to watch anime.


A hosting site for anime that is quite new but has gained a lot of popularity is a2zanime.

The website design is really simple and straightforward. It does not divide anime into various sections and runs most of the content they have together. As the name suggests, this site has A-2-Z anime. It has more than 4000 anime titles, and some of them are available in English, Japanese, and Chinese. It has categories for the latest episode and the ones to come. A2zanime has many features that make this site unique is voice chat, role-playing forums, feedback and recommendation channels, and many others.

It has no ads, and it’s easy to use on desktops and mobiles. Moreover, it has various anime also subtitles, so you have no problems watching them. The only frustrating feature is it has a really slow load time and there is no mobile app for the site.


Another new anime streaming site in the market is HorribleSubs.

It might be new, but it offers much new anime for users to enjoy by watching them online or downloading them to watch them offline in various resolutions from 480p to 1080p. HorribleSubs is free to use and has a ‘Release Schedule’ on its homepage, where users can view the anime episodes they have coming and the specific days and time they will have it. There are no ads, and you can find anime according to their year’s release.

Overall the site is great for people who want something easy to navigate to watch the anime they want. There is still work going on for the site, so nothing more can get said.


Another great KissAnime alternative for you to watch your favorite anime is Animeland.

The best feature of this site that many users enjoy is how it has many anime episodes dubbed in English, which means you can enjoy the anime without having to read its subtitles. You might have to suffer from some pop-ups to watch any title you want, making it quite bothersome, but once you settle, it seems nothing more. Other than that, there are many features that a person will love and forget that the ads are so bothersome.

The Animeland homepage has various tabs at the bottom for you to view other anime-related sections like, Read Manga, Naruto, Dubbed anime, and Watch Cartoons Online. The site does not limit to anime; you can even watch other cartoons also. Moreover, you can use this sit on various devices including, Firestick, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Anime Karma

A well-designed KissAnime alternative site is Anime Karma.

You will love the design it has, and how professional it looks, and much better than many of the sites we have on this list. There is a huge catalog of anime movies and series is something many users, including you, will appreciate. The whole layout of the site is unique. All anime series and movies have their titles and a short summary with their IMDb and TMDb ratings on their thumbnail. It also shows you anime trailers for you to view.

However, the most dreadful thing about this site is the pop-up ads and redirects, and the time it takes to buffer. It has gotten a high level of good feedbacks and also has a section for you to complain about any video that is not working.


Aniwatcher is a great alternative to KissAnime for anyone wanting to stream the latest or trending anime episodes.

You can watch both anime and manga videos in dubbed and subbed versions. You will not have to register or sign in or fill any kind of form to use this site or to stream anime. You go to the site and stream the episode you want without much problem.  The site has gotten well organized, with the latest episodes on the homepage and others divided into various categories.

The most annoying and hateful feature is the redirected ads. You go to the site, and it starts. It can make it extremely difficult to access and enjoy the site to the fullest. However, you would try a pop-up blocker and see how it goes.

Anime Heaven

Animeheaven is another anime site many love and use.

Anyone can use the effective and friendly Animeheaven user interface. It allows you to watch it online or download the videos you want, in any resolution and on any device you want. You will love the quality of anime it shows its users with a smart anime library. You just need a high-quality connection to view the anime you want. Many Japanese anime series have gotten dubbed into English for the ease of the users.

You can choose to sign in, but you don’t have to. You can watch anime without registering or signing in. It has great buffer time and only one redirect ad you will get when you click the show you want to watch; it redirects you once and that is it. It has all the best features, making the ads bearable.


A site everyone should try when wanting to stream anime is Masteranime.

For me personally, Masteranime is the most straightforward anime streaming site you can possibly use. It doesn’t overload its site or make it difficult to understand. You can find most of its anime subbed and many of them dubbed. This site does not require signing in or signing up. It has a fast buffer and load time. Moreover, once you start streaming an episode, you get no interferences. It does have pop-up ads and redirects, but you face them only once and do not interfere with your streaming experience.

The site lets users know the schedule of the episodes they are uploading. The schedule shows the episode uploaded a day before, today, and upcoming for the week. Users will love this site because of how simple and easy it is to navigate and access.


A KissAnime alternative with no ads, yes no ads, is Justdubs.

Justdubs is so far a site with no ads. You will love the many features it has and how easy the whole site is. You can, without any problem, search or browse for videos.  All of the videos on this site have subtitles, so you can enjoy anyone and enjoy anime for hours. Furthermore, to make it easy for users, they have a different section for all the dubbed videos they have, so you can effortlessly access them. Additionally, it does not only have anime-they also have other animated things you can explore and enjoy.

You can stream without signing in, but you will have to sign in to download and use its many other features, like the anime fan communities, so you can connect with people who have similar anime preferences.


Kimcartoon is a KissAnime alternative that has not only anime but cartoons also.

Users wanting to stream cartoons, anime, or if you want to read comics, this site would be great for you. Everything on this site is of high quality, and you do not have to sign in to stream or use this site to the fullest.  You will love the extensive library it has with diverse genres for you can choose from. It has many features, including a section where you can report errors and a section where you can request any video or comics you want, but they do not have.

You do not have to pay for any sort of subscription or add in your credit card information. However, there are many redirects and pop-ads you have to go through. Apart from that, this site has amazing elements.


A similar anime streaming site to KissAnime is Animesim.

On this site, you can watch all your favorite anime seasons without a problem and for free. Animesim has a list of the latest movies and episodes on its homepage for anime fans to stream and download in the quality they desire. It has many subbed and dubbed videos for anime fans to enjoy. Moreover, there is a schedule on the right side of the homepage letting you know what they have coming on their site. You can even listen to soundtracks using its section dedicated to it.

You will not have to sign in or sign up and can stream in any quality you want, and any anime you want.


A site providing not only a place to stream anime but also cares about its users in NWAnime.

NWAinime is a free site with anime series that have gotten completed (all its episodes) and the ongoing series (with all its latest episodes). You will like this site as it updates the series as soon as the new episode gets released. Overall the site has a neat and organized interface, and users do not have to go through the hassle of signing in.

The site keeps in mind its users and has a night mode so the viewer’s eyes do not get strained when they are viewing it from a dark place or at night. A feature no other site on our list has.


AnimePahe is a KissAnime alternative that has limitless content.

The site has an easygoing interface, and it has gotten designed to ensure it is also mobile-friendly. Moreover, you can access this site from any device, including firestick. You will love the comprehensive content database it has, and all of its videos quality is top from 720p to 1080p. The site gets updated and upgraded regularly to ensure the site is error-free and users can use it without any complications. You will not have to sign to stream, and you can download videos.

The two downfalls of this site are the buffering time, which is too much, and the high amount of pop-up adverts that you get.


KissAnime was a great site for users to stream and download anime from, and with it closing down, it broke many anime fans’ hearts. However, this is why I created this site. You can now use KissAnime alternatives and carry on enjoying anime.

Let me know which site you like the most and which one worked the best for you.

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