How to Make Money Dropshipping in 2022

How to Make Money Dropshipping

Dropshipping, the business allowing you to be your own boss, pursue your passion, and work from wherever you want. So many benefits, why would one not want to begin it?

Regrettably, the main thing you have to know to create a successful Dropshipping business is how to make money Dropshipping in 2022? When you do not make a profit in your Dropshipping business, you will have to say bye to all the luxurious benefits.

However, you should know that if you are planning to make money through Dropshipping, it will not be easy because there are many business models for Dropshipping.

Other than that, there is plenty of good news, the first one being many people have successfully started and done it, letting us know it can get done. We want to give you some helpful tips and information on how a Dropshipping business model works and what challenges one can face when it comes to making online money.

How to Make Money Dropshipping
How to Make Money Dropshipping

The 5 tips that Dropshipping entrepreneurs do to make a profit are:

  1. Search/find the right niche
  2. Set a strong brand
  3. Automate your store
  4. Provide the best possible customer service

Do you want to make money online? Let us begin!

Can I actually make money with Dropshipping?

You are the middleman, as a seller, where you connect customers with Dropshipping suppliers. To make money this way, you have to think about how you can add value to this whole process for the customer and dropship supplier.

Let us look at a few ways you can use to add value for the customer:

  1. Assist shoppers in finding amazing new products: When you create a story with a clear identity and brand, you help customers convey those identities to look for new products they love.
  2. Provide exceptional user experience (UX) and customer service: Make a remarkable site easy to use, explore, and give the best shopping pleasure. Provide high service levels and aftercare that most online shoppers expect nowadays.
  3. Generate traffic and raise awareness of your products: You can do both of these by marketing and building a brand. You should create a loyal following and make ads that target the people you want precisely. This will help you get the products you want to sell in from new shoppers and audiences.

How you will make money as a Dropshipper?

  1. Assist customers with finding new products to increase the average order value for every possible customer. In simpler words, the more a shopper buys every time they visit, the more boost your profit you will get.
  2. Provide amazing UX and customer service as it increases loyalty. It means you get more return customers that overall help with your sales and generate more profit with every customer.
  3. Generate traffic and bring awareness to your brand as it will help your Dropshipping business develop and grow. You can increase your sales and become an online business that is sustainable by ensuring you have a steady stream of customers.

There is a golden rule you should keep in mind when starting or running a Dropshipping business:

The more value you add, the more money you make.

Now, we will look at the 5 tips we mentioned in the beginning in detail on how to make money Dropshipping.  We collected these tips from various online entrepreneurs who have become successful, and these are their insights.

Let us begin.

Tip 1: Search/Find the right niche

Niche is very important as it lets you focus on one thing. Now the question is:

How can one search/find a niche that will help you make online money through Dropshipping? The answer is quite simple. It requires you to meet the following two criteria:

  1. The niche should be something you have a passion for.
  2. The niche should be something that most possible buyers will have passion about.

Finding a Dropshipping niche you are passionate about

Making a profit is crucial. However, this should not be the only reason why you are in the Dropshipping world. If this is the only reason, then you will have no emotional connections with the products you sell, and customers will see that. Moreover, it will become harder for you to give the best customer service and create a brand that you believe in because you do not care about the niche.

Finding a Dropshipping niche that others care about

The second equation to this Dropshipping business is that you should choose a popular niche. It should be popular enough that it will maintain your e-commerce store. Let us say you love deck chairs, but it is a product that will not get you a lot of paying customers, as not many people will be passionate about outdoor furniture.

Now, the question is, how can you find a niche that not only you but others are also passionate about it?

  • Generally, niches that customers are passionate about or have hobbies related to it get you more sales opportunities and customers who come again. Therefore, think about your hobbies, the ones you love, as it has the chance to be popular.
  • Do research using social media platforms or Google trends to see if the topic you are interested in is trending or not. Look for the niches that are becoming and will become popular.

The fact is, passion is the most important thing needed to make money online. Passion is not only to get entrepreneurial success but also for the niche you will focus your store to be on. In simpler words, pick a niche you care about and would also appeal to people with similar likings.

Tip 2: Set a strong brand

The one way to get the most from a Dropshipping business is to set a strong brand. In fact, it has to be stronger than any product you are selling. Real value can get added with one of the main areas, which is branding. Remember, when we say adding value, it means making money.

Let us look at an example of a website where a supplier sells exercise equipment.

The people behind this site are wholesalers and do not have to worry as much about branding. However, you have to.

As a Dropshipper, you assist in selling these products that wholesalers provide with the best possible brand experience.

Victor Levitin, the Dropshipping entrepreneur, started his store at zero and boosted it to $4.5 million in yearly sales (and one should read his success story, it is worth it). He says:

“Bridging the gap between great products and suppliers … is how we can create added value!”

So, what creates good branding? The fact is, we could write a whole book on this subject. However, there are three crucial qualities your brand should have: quality, consistency, and value.

  1. Brand Quality: 

In e-commerce, trust is the most important thing. If a shopper does not trust your brand or store, they will buy it somewhere else without a problem. You can do a lot with your brand to create and maintain brand trust. Some of the elements that create brand quality are:

  1. High-quality logos and design
  2. A responsive and well-developed website
  3. A social media presence that is active

These elements will help you get customers to trust your brand and get you profit.

  1. Brand Consistency:

The higher brands are consistent with various elements, especially communication; it can be on their website, social media platforms, or customer support. Iconic brands like Nike, Disney, LEGO, or Harley Davidson do the best job when it comes to communicating their brand identity at each touchpoint. It shows professionalism and attention to every detail. Moreover, it makes customer interaction more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Therefore, you could be writing the FAQ section, creating a Facebook ad, updating the product page, you have to ask yourself:

“How would it get said by my brand?”

You should also think about the products you choose to sell. The products you choose should have a feel, appearance, and level of quality to your brand.

  1. Brand Value:

Shoppers will choose to buy with the brand that reflects them and their value. Therefore, emphasize what your values are and be clear on what your passion is and what you stand for. It can be in the way you communicate with your customers and products.

Tip 3: Automate

Most entrepreneurs doing Dropshipping businesses use various technologies to automate various repetitive tasks. Doing this makes your daily business operations run much smoother. The outcome will be, you spend more time on the tasks that add value, like finding great products, brand building, and engaging with customers.

Now, the question is, for which tasks can you use an automation tools for?

  • Processing orders:You can use automation tools to sync your inventory of your supplier automatically as it feeds directly with your online store and allows you to process orders by simply clicking a button.
  • Customer support:  Another task the automation tool can help you give the best possible customer service using chatbots. All thanks to AI, these chatbots helpers can reply to the general or most standard questions, ensuring there are not too complicated. It helps to improve the rate of the response your brand gives, looks after daily support issues, and leaves you free to think about inquiries that are important and specific.
  • Converting customers:You can also use automation tools to increase sales. You can use apps that offer you automated email, SMS, and push notification messages. These apps help to send customers a response automatically depending on various situations, like if they leave their shopping cart or do not make a purchase for some time.

The most important thing you have to remember is, you should not get carried away with using too many automation tools. The main and important elements and processes of a business should get done by you, and only you. No one would like or shop through a store that has the feel of being operated by robots.

Tip4: Offer amazing customer service

Customer service, not any but exceptional, is important to make your business successful and increase your money sustainably. It is really important specifically for new business ventures.

  1. Ensure there are no bad customer experiences that could get you to complain
  2. Provide excellent service that customers talk about it and tell others of their amazing experience.

Some of the best tips you can follow are:

  • Response as fast as you can with inquiries: The most common customer complaint a business gets is regarding slow response times. Therefore, put your support hours in a section that customers can see and also include them in automated email replies.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Do you know that one negative customer experience review can cut off 12 positive customer reviews? Therefore, ensure you are clear about what you can and cannot do. One should under-promise and over-deliver!
  • Provide a brief and informative FAQ section. Never should you leave your customers in the dark. The FAQ section gives users a smoother experience and can cut down inquire number significantly.
  • Make customers feel like you know them. Always use names, preferred communication methods, and post-buying check-ins to increase the chance of the customer returning to make more purchases.

Anyone wanting to consistently make money being a Dropshipper has to learn from their customers. The more you listen to what customers are saying (whether it’s negative or positive), the more you have a chance of choosing a winning product and the best store design.

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