Do You Have a Poverty Mentality?

Poverty Mentality

Do you suffer from a poverty mentality? Yes, it is probably the reason for you getting held back from living a happy and full life.

Do you Have a Poverty Mentality?

Do you Have a Poverty Mentality?
Do you Have a Poverty Mentality?

Your capacity on creating wealth gets influenced by your way of thinking about money. The question is; what is poverty mentality? It is a mindset people develop with time on a strong belief that they will never make or have enough money. Such a mindset gets stimulated by fear and can produce poor financial decision-making.

The fact is, when you have a poverty mentality, you think and strongly believe that it is hard to get and do anything like making money, advancing in your career, making new friends, and so on. You believe everything in your life is complicated, and you have to battle and struggle through every step.

However, do you know you could change this mindset of yours? You have control over how you think and use know-how, and by practicing, you can modify the way you think.

Life will be unhappy and not comfortable when your mindset gets driven by fear.

Life is not a performance where you can lose a second.  Let us view some of the poverty mindset habits and how you can change your mindset to think differently about your life and exactly what you want from it.

Poverty Habits

Are you confused as to whether you have a poverty mentality? Do you have the below common habits of a poverty mentality?

  • When you purchase something, you feel guilty.
  • Think about money mostly and be worried about it constantly.
  • You dislike “rich people” strongly but also want to be like them.
  • Most decisions you make, get based on fear.
  • Have small thinking rather than big thinking.

A poverty mentality simply means you’re setting yourself up to fail. Poor decision-making means limited outcomes. For example, a person lacks confidence when they fear, and because of that, your goals will not be enough, no matter how many goals you set. We are created in a way to learn behavior from people around us. As young children, we are adaptable, and the fact is we learn from family, friends, and educators.

With time, we start to create our own opinions and explore information from various places and people like workplaces, social and sporting actions and when we travel, from other cultures.

Moreover, people who had to live in poverty in their childhood commonly have a poverty mentality. Fear is the one thing that stops us from exploring and learning new behavior.  Why not face all obstacles to finding happiness and financial security.

Abundance Mindset

Acknowledging and consciously being aware of how you need to modify the way you think is the main beginning point. Therefore, well done! You have reached this article as you understand you need to change your mindset. Now you can start taking the next step to turn your thoughts positive. You should set goals that can get achieved, so ensure you have confidence in yourself and the decisions you make.

A new habit cannot get created in a few minutes or hours. You will have to be patient as it can take anywhere from two weeks to a few months. On average, it will take you a few months of practicing the new habit daily to get it set into your nature.

In the beginning, there will be awareness within you when thinking about money or success differently than you normally would. Once the habit forms, you will not be as much aware of your thinking or acting with a new approach.

What is an abundance mindset? It is a mindset where you believe that there is enough of everything for everyone and plenty of time for you to get it. The fact is, we are what we believe in. Consequently, when you think you are full of energy, love, desire, and inspiration, no one can say differently.

The ability to believe in ourselves and how we can earn more money, invest more wisely, help, and empower others should be the top priority. This is where the abundance mentality comes in place in your mindset.

You should learn and be with people who have the mindset you want. Meet new people like-minded or read books, quotes, watch videos and keep learning ad you go alone. Always remember the saying:

We do not plan to fail; We fail to plan.

Avoid Slips

It will not always be easy to keep a wealthy mindset. The fact is when you change your mindset, you will face many challenges throughout life, pulling your back to your old thinking.

To avoid slipping up, you first have to accept you are getting pulled back when you face any fear or complication trying to change your positive mindset. What do you do? Stop your negative thoughts instantly and reevaluate them with your affluence mindset.

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